Elevating the Art of Brunch at the Trendiest Restaurants

Brunch has become a staple weekend activity, and restaurants are continually upping the ante when it comes to their brunch offerings. The trendiest restaurants are elevating the art of brunch, offering unique and inventive dishes that are perfect for those looking for a delicious weekend meal.

Going Beyond the Classic Brunch Dishes

While classics such as eggs benedict and avocado toast are still popular choices, some restaurants are taking a more experimental approach to brunch. For example, some restaurants are offering savory waffles topped with fried chicken or crab cakes, while others are serving up breakfast burritos filled with unexpected ingredients such as smoked salmon or Korean-style beef.

All Day in Minneapolis

All Day in Minneapolis is known for their innovative brunch menu, which includes dishes such as smoked brisket hash, French toast made with brioche and topped with bacon butter, and a breakfast sandwich made with chorizo and Manchego cheese.

Mimi in Boston

Mimi in Boston offers a French-inspired brunch menu featuring dishes such as croque madame, quiche Lorraine, and smoked salmon toast with pickled shallots and crème fraîche.

Cocktails to Complement Your Brunch

No brunch is complete without a refreshing cocktail to wash everything down. Many trendy restaurants are taking brunch cocktails to the next level, offering creative concoctions that go beyond the classic mimosa or Bloody Mary.

Bar Boulud in Boston

Bar Boulud in Boston serves up an extensive brunch cocktail menu, including their signature “Bull’s Eye” made with vodka, St. Germain, cucumber, and lime, as well as a refreshing “Bellini di Saronno” made with sparkling wine and amaretto.

The Publican Quality Meats in Chicago

The Publican Quality Meats in Chicago offers a unique brunch cocktail called the “Egg Cream”, made with vodka, cranberry juice, and a frothy egg white foam.

Ultimately, elevating the art of brunch means pushing boundaries and offering dishes and cocktails that your guests won’t find anywhere else. By taking a creative and innovative approach, trendy restaurants can attract a loyal following that will keep coming back for more.